Tailored Drug (Nano)Particles

Smart particle engineering for challenging drug substances

Particle engineering enhances the performance of drug substances through a fine control of particle size and morphology.

We have developed a unique supercritical fluid technology platform to produce tailored drug particles with special emphasis on inhalable microparticles and nanoparticles of poorly soluble drugs.

The StaniTab® technology: a solvent-free bottom-up process for challenging APIs which are not processable by conventional processes.

This solution makes it possible to engineer tailored particles from a variety of APIs, provided that they are slightly soluble in supercritical CO2, and offers key benefits.

Controlled particle size distribution from nanoparticles to microparticles

 Fine control over particle shape and drug polymorphism

Easy manufacturing of final dosage forms by routine pharmaceutical processes

This process was designed by our team to produce dry powders containing nanoparticles which are easily converted to final solid dosage forms using conventional manufacturing operations (i.e., mixing, compression, granulation, coating).

The StaniTab® process relies on the unique properties of supercritical CO2 and consists in:

    1. dissolving the drug in supercritical CO2
    2. expanding the drug supercritical solution according to a controlled and tunable thermodynamics and hydrodynamics pathway in order to produce drug nanoparticles
    3. trapping the nanoparticles onto the powder surface of an auxiliary substance


The auxiliary substance may be selected among common materials for the manufacturing of tablets by direct compression such as lactose, mannitol, microcrystalline cellulose.

StaniTab Supercritical Drug Nanoparticles