Botanical Extracts

Customized extracts and high-purity isolates

With decades of expertise in supercritical fluid extraction, our team delivers high-purity products using cost-effective and environmentally conscious processes.

Extraction of natural products using supercritical carbon dioxide has become a common manufacturing operation in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical or cosmetic industry.

Subcritical and supercritical CO2 processes offer unique properties for extracting, concentrating and purifying botanical materials:

    • tunable extraction selectivity
    • low processing temperature
    • no solvent residues in the extract product

Its technical superiority over organic solvent extraction has widened its commercial use to produce high-quality extracts from a wide range of botanical substrates.

For instance, CO2 extraction is now considered the gold standard for extraction and concentration of astaxanthin from microalgae and production of cannabis extracts for medicinal use.

Supercritical extraction is obviously not economically viable for every application and is often only one of the production steps required for manufacturing high-quality extracts or pure active pharmaceutical ingredients from medicinal plants.

This is why we also operate complementary upstream and downstream techniques, such as liquid-liquid extraction, crystallization, distillation, drying, supercritical fluid chromatography.