Our Services

We help our clients succeed in bringing their innovative products to clinical trials and market

Our clients rely on our values and advanced expertise along with our state-of-the-art infrastructure to stay focused on moving their products along the development path.

We are a proactive and reliable partner and create long-term relationships with our clients.


Whether it is a novel concept or the next generation of your product, we offer development services from early proof of concept studies to the manufacturing of preclinical pilot batches.

Our team bring decades of experience in the development of scalable, GMP compliant and cost-effective supercritical fluid processes.

Most of our contract R&D projects comprise the development and validation of tailored analytical methods.

Because each project is unique, we collaborate with each client to develop a customized project plan, meet their timeline and deliver high-quality results.



As a product transitions out of our R&D labs, it moves to our manufacturing facility.

Our facility offers cGMP compliant manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, lipids, nanoformulations and polymers.

We also routinely work with clients to solve technical, engineering and cost challenges they encounter when attempting to scale-up products they have developed at laboratory scale.