Nanomedicines for clinical trials

Groundbreaking nanoformulations are developed by worldwide research teams and start-ups.

We provide these teams with clinical trial materials and full product and process documentation to bridge the valley of death by moving their nanomedicines from proof of concept to Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 6-7

GMP manufacturing of vaccine nanovectors in StaniPharm's clean rooms

Nanoscale formulations provide unique therapeutic benefits such as targeted delivery, enhanced pharmacokinetics and efficacy or reduced toxicity.

Our nanomedicine expertise covers formulation, process and analytical development and GMP manufacturing.

We produce nanosuspensions, nanoemulsions, lipid and polymer nanoparticles and micelles for our clients. For instance, a novel nanovector for vaccine delivery has been scaled up to GMP manufacturing by our team.


We also participate in cooperative projects with international partners.

Recent projects include:

  • the EU H2020 INDIGO project which aims at developping novel influenza vaccines. StaniPharm is in charge of the development and GMP manufacturing of a new vaccine adjuvant.
  • the EURONANOMED PANIPAC and METASTARG projects where we are involved in the scale-up and manufacturing of targeted multifunctional nanoemulsions to interrupt metastasis progression and of photoactivable nanoparticles to immunostimulate the tumor microenvironment in pancreatic cancer.