A look back at some of 2021’s key highlights at StaniPharm

In September, we produced the first GMP clinical batch of a new vaccine adjuvant for our partner Litevax. The timely production of these batches allowed the partners in the H2020 INDIGO project to stay on schedule for the clinical development of new influenza vaccines.

This project was an opportunity to expand our know-how by adding a new organic synthesis service to our established expertise in pharmaceutical purification and GMP manufacturing of nanoformulations.

We have long been a driving force in the active development of a French therapeutic cannabis industry. In June, StaniPharm obtained an authorisation from the ANSM to carry out research on extraction and formulation of cannabis for medical use. This is a critical milestone in our ambitious strategy to develop and produce innovative cannabis-based medicines.

StaniPharm, through our president Frantz Deschamps, also chairs Santé France Cannabis, an association of the diverse stakeholders of the future French therapeutic cannabis ecosystem.

The success of the recent therapeutic cannabis conference, held in December at the Ministry of Health, is a landmark for the French industry and for patient access to cannabis-based medicines. Many uncertainties remain for the future of medicinal cannabis in France, including regulatory status, therapeutic indications, prices and reimbursement policies. All of these key points were discussed at the conference, which brought together health professionals, patients, public decision-makers, health authorities and economic actors.