Vaxinano partners with StaniPharm for development and production of its vaccine delivery system

Vaxinano, based in Lille, France, is a biotechnology company specializing in the development of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines for infectious diseases for the human and animal health markets.

The company offers a vaccine platform for developing innovative non-adjuvanted vaccines. Vaxinano’s technology is built on starch nanoparticles, which allow vaccine formulations to be delivered directly into the mucous membranes after nasal administration. These formulations, made from bio-sourced materials, are also cold-chain independent and can be used in developing countries. After administration, the nanoparticles are fully eliminated by the body, a confirmation of their safety.

Vaxinano has achieved a world first by demonstrating that a non-living vaccine can protect animals, including non-human primates, from infection against toxoplasmosis. The company operates a hybrid business model involving veterinary activities in collaboration with pharmaceutical partners on the one hand, and development of its own vaccines for human and veterinary applications on the other. Vaxinano’s platform makes it possible to develop new vaccines and improve existing vaccines through replacing adjuvants.

“Scaling up this kind of vaccine delivery system is a crucial step and requires a strong partner”

Didier Betbeder, CEO of Vaxinano

Specialized in industrial applications of supercritical fluids (purification, extraction, formulation) and development of nanoformulations using state-of-the-art equipment, StaniPharm was entrusted with the technology transfer for the production and purification of the Vaxinano vector in its facilities in Lorraine, France, as well as scale-up and validation of the production process, development and validation of analytical methods.

Following these steps, StaniPharm produced the first clinical batches.

GMP manufacturing of nanoparticles for vaccine formulation

StaniPharm has proven to be a strategic partner, able to respond effectively and rigorously to meet our needs, despite the current health situation. This responsiveness and the spirit of collaboration between our two structures have contributed to the successful completion of production according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) of our technology. This gives us a promising glimpse of a shared future over the long term“, adds Didier Betbeder

This is a collaboration that Frantz Deschamps, President of StaniPharm, considers to be “in line with our company’s values: meeting technological challenges to implement production on a tight schedule and under strict GMP compliance. All of this is only possible, of course, if our partner’s approach involves responsiveness and openness. And that is exactly what we have with Vaxinano. Our team is proud to contribute to the development of this very promising technology.